The IP address is sometimes used as the manufacturer default access IP for some specific broadband home routers. Some of the brands utilizing the default ip address include Arris, D-Link, and Netgear. Some Motorola modems use or is an internal IP that is specific to your router and not accessible from the external internet by others. This is also the router’s default gateway set by the manufacturer.

If you go to in your default web browser, you will be prompted to enter the default username and password on initial setup of your router. Depending on the manufacturer of your router, your default password can vary. On some Arris broadband modems, the username is “admin.” It is also “admin” on some Linksys routers. Netgear routers sometimes are username “admin” with a password as simple as “1234.”

The IP address has gained popularity due to manufacturers initiating the changes and defaults. It is also considered a private Internet Protocol (IP) address as it is between and which are all IP’s strictly assigned to devices connected to a network. Only a single device can acquire the IP address This address space is considered the “gateway” as well.

The gateway address is essentially the IP address of the specific router or device internally. If you refer to your device manual, you will find what your default IP address is. It could be the IP address or another primary option which is Setting up your router with an alternative address if you would like to change it from IP address to something else is quite easy.

You should refer to your manufacturer documentation to change your gateway address. is becoming universally adopted as the primary gateway address. Some manufacturers are using for varying reasons but mainly because it’s considered a private IP address.