An IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is set of numbers that identify each computer on a network. is the default IP address used when setting up a variety of broadband routers. A router is a device that is used to set up a network. is considered a private address, which means it can be used on multiple networks. The address cannot be accessed outside of a network, and it cannot be used twice on the same network. is the URL a user can type into the address bar to access the router. This is necessary to set up a router, and to change any router settings. If a computer user types “″ in the browser’s address bar, the admin area of the router is opened.

A computer user can sometimes run into a conflict while setting up a network. This means the IP address is conflicting with an assigned network computer or device address. A computer’s IP address can be found in the Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) settings on most computers. The conflict will be apparent if the computer IP address is also reading “” However, most computers have the capability to automatically assign a network computer an alternative IP address that is different than

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