Certain models of home broadband routers and access points have a default address of This is for models typically sold outside of the United States. The manufacturer sets this IP address of as a default for some brands such as Phillips, Senao and a few other routers and access points.

However, these are not the only brands that can be set to, any router or computer on a local network can be set to use

The address is a private IP address. This means it is generated within the firmware of the router. It will allow a user access with in the device through a web browser running on a computer which is connected to the router.

Avoid address conflicts by using only one device on the network. IP address is a private IPv4 network. This means you cannot connect to a router from outside the home network using this address. You can log into the router’s console by pointing a web browser to if a router is using this address.

Private IP addresses such as, were originally designed to delay IPv4 address overload. They were labeled private as they are not globally delegated. This means they are not assigned to any specific organization.

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