Information about IP address

The IP address is called a “default gateway”, which means that it is an IP address typically used as the default IP for some network routers. Commonly, this IP is used for Comcast-branded Wireless Gateway devices which combine wifi networking with a standard cable internet modem.

Because is a default gateway, this means that devices on a network will not be assigned it as their local IP address. Typically, any device on the network will have a variation of the default gateway that replaces the 4th number. For example, the first computer connected to this router will likely be assigned “”. This range of assignable IP addresses can be changed in the router’s settings.

Commonly, a router’s default gateway can be used to access the router’s administrative settings page. From this location, users can change the router’s wireless networking information, DHCP assigned IP range, set additional security modes, update firmware, and any other basic or advanced setting that the router manufacturer makes available. All the user has to do is type “″ in their internet browser of choice, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, and the router will prompt for the admin login. This information varies between different routers, so check the router documentation for more details.

Some routers will also support the ability to change the default gateway IP address, but this is generally not advised. The decision to change your router’s default gateway IP address should be left entirely up to a networking specialist and only if absolutely necessary. One of the risks involved here is that the router could revert back to the original IP and cause your devices to lose their network and internet connection.

If you ever have to replace a router and the new router uses a different default gateway IP address, you may need to change some settings on your computer or within the router itself to allow your devices to operate correctly. For example, if your computer or other devices on your network used “static” or “assigned” IP addresses, these will need to be changed in order to match the format of your new router’s default gateway.

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